Success Stories


   Connor and his siblings came to Pet Tales Rescue in August 2014.  Connor was the smallest of the litter, but the first to figure out how to climb out of the pen while he was being fostered.  We are delighted to have his new family share this update on him.


“It’s been almost 2 months since Connor has come to live with us. His name is now Diesel and has adjusted well. He loves to catch grasshoppers, moles and chase balls. He also loves to help me in the garden by stealing beans out of my hands as I pick them and running away with my squash. We made him a small agility course because hes so good at jumping and army crawling. He fits in well as my fourth child. lol! Him and my two year old fight like brother and sister;) He’s potty trained and knows quite a few commands. He’s a great dog and I believe he loves it here. Thank you so much for our new family member! Oh and he’s gained 15 lbs of muscle in that short time. He’s gonna be a big boy! More to love;)”



Penny came to Pet Tales Rescue in November 2013.  She had been hit by a car and was found wandering in a parking lot, very skinny and with a broken leg.  A good Samaritan picked her up and her journey eventually brought her to us. After many weeks, and numerous trips to visit everyone at SouthKent Veterinary Clinic, Penny made a full recovery.  We were also extremely thankful to receive a generous donation from the Karen Hartwig Foundation to help cover the cost of her medical treatment.
Penny went to her “forever home” on April 1,2014.

“She is doing very well. She is a goofy girl and loves to play with neighbor kids on the play set in our yard. She climbs the ladder and slides down with them! She loves to eat veggies and grass! We love her sweetness.”

Linda Looney

skinny splint

Penny in one of her first splints.

 Penny snuggling after a romp in the snow with her pal, Misty.

Penny snuggling after a romp in the snow with her pal, Misty.