Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shots

Mr. Bruce is ready for adoption! Bruce is a 5 month old Staffordshire Terrier mix who currently weighs approximately 25 pounds. He is actually pretty calm most of the time, but can be feisty when it’s play time! He loves to follow you around and just sit and watch you. He also loves to get snuggles and be petted. His favorite place to nap is on his people. He likes playing with all kinds of toys, humans, and also dogs. He is particularly fond of lying in front of the heat registers to soak up all that warmth! He doesn’t like it when other dogs get in his space when he is eating.

Bruce is working on learning his manners, and could benefit from some training classes. He needs to work on not jumping or getting mouthy. He can sit and is working on lying down. He is working on potty training and is doing well. He will hold it for about 2 hours at a time, so if you let him out about every 2 hours he will go outside. However, he hasn’t yet figured out how to signal to his people that he needs to go out. He also has a tendency to pee, then come right inside leading to a #2 accident in the house. He still wakes up in the night to go potty. Bruce is also working on crate-training, and he is getting better every day. There are some days he doesn’t cry at all, but others where he is more noisy. He has had only 1 accident in the crate at his foster house.

Bruce is neutered, has a microchip, and is up to date on vaccines, but he will need one more distemper vaccination in the future.

Bruce is available for adoption through Pet Tales Rescue in Grand Rapids, MI. Please go to and fill out an application. His adoption fee is $265 plus $15 for the microchip for a total of $280 payable by cash or card through the rescue’s website.

* Pet Tales Rescue does not have a physical shelter location as all of our pets are in foster homes. To meet Bruce or one of our other fosters, you will need to fill out an application. After your application is reviewed, one of our volunteers will contact you to set up a time to meet him.

Thank you for adopting, not shopping!